credit notes

Fotos: Johanna Ruebel



main impulse for the SPLISH SPLASH summer season collection comes from "wiping, cleaning cloth's", used to wash away colour spots and surplus, remaining amounts of screenprinting colour during the printing practice. Using them over and over again for years, they became randomly multi-coloured and took on this unique look of blurred colour stains and spots. Some of them were set aside and stored, allways in the back of our minds as there is something attracting about them.
Finally, the moment had come to take them out again and detect this certain attraction.
Not only colour-aesthetics, also shape stimulated - the contour and outerline of these strangely cut pieces of fabric-leftovers.
In a wider sense SPLISH SPLASH wants to show, within this subject matter, a hidden, inherent Beauty of elements and aspects in Life, that appear at first sight as rubbish and waste. How something regarded as inferior and worthless should be seen differently sometimes. Sustain and linger, slow down, discover, question inferior and superior, explore the spectrum, turn things into Something ...